2nd Annual Politicon Event Attracts Sponsorships Amidst Heated Political Climate

Newcomer USfluence Hosts Main Stage Panels at “The Unconventional Political Convention”

Political advisors, insiders and pundits to participate in panels for Politicon 2016 as USfluence sponsors three popular main stage discussions.

Despite recent news of tepid brand association at this year’s Democrat and Republican party conventions, the sophomore outing of Politicon is attracting new-comer sponsors, aware of a recent surge of attention surrounding the upcoming election. Los Angeles-based digital media company USfluence is sponsoring three of the main stage panels at their “unconventional political convention” this year. USfluence is gaining ground in the political marketplace as the source for custom-made influencer driven digital campaigns. The company attended Politicon last year, and this year decided to boost their involvement through sponsorships.

The main stage panels center on the three candidates mired in 2016’s Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders - and each will feature at least six political advisors, insiders, and pundits.

The Hillary Panel will discuss the challenges that the former Secretary of State and First Lady has encountered on her campaign for the White House. A lineup of political advisors, insiders, and pundits discuss what the frontrunner still faces between now and November, and an analysis of her campaign so far. Former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, an advocate for Women’s Health & Issues of Personal Freedom, will be among the panelists.

The Bernie Panel will be a talk on how Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters have upset the Democrat apple cart, kept Hillary Clinton on her toes, and continued to gain momentum in the competitive 2016 Presidential race. Panelists include Bill Burton, a renowned strategist, and commentator for CNN, Paul Begala.

Love him or hate him, everyone’s talking about him. The Donald Trump panel hosts a group of detractors, supporters, and political experts including Ann Coulter as they break down his appeal, his convention breaking campaign strategy, and what a Trump White House could entail.

In addition, Nicole Boxer, political activist and veteran filmmaker, will be at the event speaking on two panels and screening her movie The Dean Scream. Boxer joined the USfluence team as a senior producer early during this political cycle to help connect influencers with democratic House, Senate and Presidential candidates.

Politicon will be held on June 25th and 26th, in Pasadena, California.

USfluence is a leading digital media company, owned by Thoughtful Media Group in California. We connect YouTube influencers with highly relevant causes, campaigns and candidates. YouTube is the perfect place to reach millennials who prefer watching their favorite YouTube influencers over traditional media outlets. These influencers are sincere and credible and their opinion matters to a wide, yet targeted audience. We partner with these influencers in a way that provides pinpoint accuracy of reach, while delivering impact often superior than all other forms of media. We do so by leveraging the loyal following of our influencers, who drive unparalleled reach and effectiveness of speaking to their audiences in your words, with their voice.

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