Thoughtful Media Group’s U.S. Catalog of Content Creators Surpasses 2.5 Billion Monthly Views

Growing Viewership of YouTube Stars Gives Advertisers Greater Opportunities for Online Video Marketing

Thoughtful Media Group’s catalog of online video content creators in the U.S. has surpassed 2.5 billion monthly views. This diverse group of channels work with TMG on an ad-hoc basis, allowing it to offer greater options to advertisers for maximum campaign suitability.

Thoughtful Media Group’s (TMG) catalog in the U.S. has surpassed 2.5 billion monthly views.

TMG, an LA-based entertainment company operating in the U.S. and Asia, has a large global network of contracted Creators producing regular online video content.

Alongside those, Thoughtful has direct access to other top-tier channels that are available for integrated advertising campaigns. This catalog of channels, which now have over 2.5 billion combined views, includes verticals such as entertainment, auto, cooking, beauty/fashion, reviews, crafting, family, fitness, gaming, lifestyle, how-to, men’s style, music, outdoors, pop culture, news, tech, toys, travel and personal vlogging. As of mid-April, that catalog of channels reached two billion monthly views.

These diverse channels work with TMG on an ad-hoc basis, allowing the company to offer even greater options to advertisers for maximum campaign suitability. Greater exposure through the Thoughtful network also gives these Creators greater visibility to grow their audience size and viewership figures.

“Thoughtful has proven to be an incredibly effective network when it comes to bringing premium brand dollars to creators” said Ryan Yudell, SVP and Managing Director at Thoughtful Media Group in Los Angeles. "Unlike many networks, we believe that all YouTubers, regardless of size, station or even their existing MCN deals, has audience and media that's more valuable to marketers than they're earning. Our objective is to drive bigger payouts for all manner of creators while driving unparalleled influence for our clients." 

Examples of Creators in this catalog are extreme sports adventurer Jon Watson (, with 204,000 subscribers and 1.86 million monthly views; music videos producer Shawna ( with 600,000 subscribers and 300,000 monthly views; and family vlogger Clint Comer of ClintusTV ( with 111,000 subscribers and 6.42 million monthly views.

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